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Zante has excellent holidays to offer for those looking for a self catering holiday or five star all inclusive holidays.  Use our search to book the best holidays you will find in the market.

Zante is the southernmost of the Ionian islands, 9½ mls off the W coast of the Peloponnese. It measures 15 mls across at its widest point and 24 mls from the narrower N tip to the end of the 2 peninsulas in the SE. Zante has a chain of limestone peaks in the W – the highest reaching 2,480 ft – and a fertile plain in the E, producing olives, citrus fruit and grapes.

Summers are warm/hot with a distinct three month dry period. The wettest season is winter when it is generally mild although cold spells can occur at times.  Most of our guests book to travel between end of May and September time which is when Zante holidays are at their best in our opinion.


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